Resort Radějov

Resort Radějov is a unique hunting ground that is located in the White Carpathians at the Czech-Slovak border.



A unique hunting and adventure resort

Resort Radějov is a new, unique hunting resort that offers a wide range of experiences. A paradise for hunters and also for those who are simply hunting for experiences.

Where to find us

Strážnice > Radějov. You will receive a detailed map showing from an assistant showing the route of arrival. After ringing at the gate and receiving admission to the grounds, you will follow the asphalt road for a total distance of cca. 8 km 1,300 m from the gate you will pass the KROKEV Hunting Lodge and with its pond, which will be followed by a magnificent view of the White Carpathian meadows, and after just a few additional kilometres you will have actually arrived at the Pusté Residence.

  • Getting to the resort by car

    First drive to Strážnice and then to Radějov (a total distance of cca. 7 km) and then continue cca. 8 km along a local road to reach the actual Pusté Residence

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  • Getting to the Resort by plane

    If you are travelling by plane we will transport you from the airport to our Resort in comfort.

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  • via a helicopter

    At the Resort it is also possible to land a helicopter directly outside the Pusté Residence.

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Write to us

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  • Máme více než 850 daňků a 58 jelenů
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  • Máme více než 850 daňků a 58 jelenů
  • Máme více než 850 daňků a 58 jelenů

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